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Why Choose Middlebury-CMRS?

The Middlebury-CMRS semester programme offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • Carefully structured academic coursework. For 8 weeks of the semester, students take two traditional Oxford one-to-one tutorials, along with a readings seminar.  For the remaining 4 weeks, students write a supervised research paper on a subject chosen by them in consultation with academic staff.
  • Course offerings designed to serve the needs of students at US colleges and universities.  We can tailor tutorial classes to meet US major requirements.  For guidance, contact the Senior Tutor.
  • A broad range of courses within all of the Humanities, including modern subjects. You'll find everything from ancient history to 20th-century poetry on our course list.
  • Courses in Languages and Social Sciences can be arranged through consultation with the Senior Tutor.
  • On-site academic advising by the indefatigable team of Principal, Senior Tutor and Assistant Senior Tutor.
  • On-site general help and information from the hard-working Administrator.
  • On-site out of hours personal advising and information from two Junior Deans resident in the building.
  • Superbly located building right in the heart of Oxford.
  • A close relationship with Keble College and full use of college facilities.
  • Access to the Bodleian Library's remarkable network of resources.
  • An on-site Feneley Library of 17,000 volumes.
  • Field trips within and outside Oxford.
  • Organized activities and student events.
  • 40 years of CMRS experience in Oxford combined with Middlebury College's 60-year reputation of excellence in Study Abroad and more than 4,000 alumni

Radcliffe Camera
Radcliffe Camera
Punts on the Cherwell
Punts on the Cherwell