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About Middlebury-CMRS

CMRS is a small educational charity founded in 1975 by Drs John and Sandy Feneley. Since that time, it has provided a high quality study abroad semester programme in its large, well-equipped faclility, St. Michael's Hall, at the heart of the ancient city of Oxford.

The programme has a long and close relationship with Keble College, one of the largest and best equipped of the Oxford colleges.

In 2014, the CMRS programme became part of the global network of Middlebury College Schools Abroad.  Founded in Vermont in 1800, Middlebury is one of the leading liberal arts institutions in the U.S., with an extensive range of international programmes.

The Middlebury-CMRS curriculum has been widened to include Humanities courses in all subjects and periods, including 19th and 20th century topics.

Today, Middlebury-CMRS pursues a wide and developing range of activities that stretch beyond our undergraduate semester programmes.

For faculty, Middlebury-CMRS provides a haven and meeting place to exchange ideas and pursue individual research interests. Middlebury-CMRS convenes annual faculty conferences and provides an opportunity for faculty to pursue their individual projects in Oxford.

MIddlebury-CMRS funds the CMRS Career Development Fellowship at Keble College and is proud to be the home of the Feneley Library Trust which holds over 20,000 volumes in total dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the medieval and early modern periods, as well as caring for several specialised collections on permanent loan.

The Principal of M-CMRS is Paul Monod, Hepburn Professor of History at Middlebury College and Fellow by Special Election of Keble College.

The Senior Tutor is Dr. Bernard Gowers.

The Administrator is Ms. Fiona Kilby.

Punts on the Cherwell
Punts on the Cherwell
CMRS Logo Window
CMRS Logo Window
Staff and faculty at CMRS were incredibly encouraging
Staff and faculty at CMRS were incredibly encouraging
Admittedly, writing this testimonial has been more than a bit difficult. It’s impossible to convey what my time at CMRS meant for me in just a few w...
Jessica-Rae Asbury, Spring & Autumn Semesters 2010, University of Nebraska-Lincoln