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Easy to escape


No matter how stimulating the programme they belong to, how beautiful the city they are living in, or how exciting its social and cultural life, sometimes anyone might want to get away.

Oxford has excellent transport links both by rail and road.  It is possible to get to London by train in a hour, or by coach in an hour and a half. Competition between the Oxford espress, the Oxford Tube and Mega Bus keeps coach fares to London low and there are concessionary rates for students. Heathrow Airport can also be about 90 minutes by coach; Gatwick is  perhaps between two and two-and-a-half hours.

CMRS students manage to fit a startling amount into their time in Oxford. Many of them find time for day trips, theatre outings or weekends on the continent. It is sensible, though, not to make too many travel arrangements until you get into the swing of things.

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This experience cannot be contained by words
The academic reasons for studying with Oxford professors stands by itself as the number one reason someone should want to engage in this program, but ...
Katherine Ciesla, Autumn Semester 2010, Elmhurst College