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RELI 0600 / HIST 0600 Christianity and Science

This course examines relations between Christianity and the sciences in the western world, from the seventeenth century to the present.  Christianity and science have often been presented as mutually hostile or incommensurable entities.    However, a more nuanced and scholarly approach – drawing on readings in science, history and theology – reveals complexities that go beyond adversarial over-simplifications.  Key scientific figures such as Galileo, Newton and Darwin cannot be understood independently of their Christian context, while Christian thinkers have responded creatively (as well as, at times, defensively) to the challenges of modern science.

The Museum of Natural History, in Oxford.  In 1860 this was the location of a celebrated debate between T.H. Huxley, Samuel Wilberforce (bishop of Oxford) and others, on the controversial topic of evolution.  The Museum is opposite Keble College, and about ten minutes walk from M-CMRS.

Staff and faculty at CMRS were incredibly encouraging
Admittedly, writing this testimonial has been more than a bit difficult. It’s impossible to convey what my time at CMRS meant for me in just a few w...
Jessica-Rae Asbury, Spring & Autumn Semesters 2010, University of Nebraska-Lincoln