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RELI 0060 The Eastern Church, 325-843

This course explores the Greek-speaking church based in and around the eastern Roman Empire, in the period between the First Council of Nicaea in 325, and the so-called Triumph of Orthodoxy in 843.  It also considers relations with the Latin church, and Christian groups in the east that broke from imperial-sponsored orthodoxy.  During this period Ecumenical (or universal) Councils, along with numerous emperors, patriarchs, theologians and others strove to define the self-understanding of the Church.  It engages with primary sources in translation and a fine corpus of modern scholarly writing.

Sample Topics

  • The Late Roman Context
  • Church Councils, the Trinity and the Person of Christ
  • Church-State Relations
  • Spiritual and Liturgical Life
  • Monasticism
  • Missionary activity
  • Iconoclasts and Iconodules
Thankful for every moment
I devoured the integral lectures, the seminars, the tea and biscuits, and the charming streets of Oxford. Aided by my tutors, my passion for the human...
Mike Rectenwald, Summer 2000, Geneva College