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PSCI 0020 / CLAS 0020 Classical Political Thought

This course covers the political thought of the ancient world, from Classical Athens to the Roman Empire.  This period saw the formulation of fundamental elements in political thought: the state, justice, citizenship, notions of democracy, aristocracy and monarchy, and the concept of politics in itself. At the end of the period, Augustine of Hippo integrated elements of classical political thought into his Christian theology. Key thinkers are explored with reference to their historical and intellectual context.

Sample topics

Plato, The Republic

Plato, The Laws

Aristotle, Politics

Epicurean political thought

Cicero's political thought (On Duties and other texts)

Seneca's political thought

Augustine, The City of God

Some of the best fun I'd had
CMRS was one of the most challenging options I could have chosen for my study abroad experience, but was also without a doubt the most rewarding. It c...
Ross McIntire, Autumn Semester 2009, Carleton College