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You are here: Home Courses Middlebury-CMRS Course List HIST 0915 / RELI 0915 Christianity and Warfare in the Middle Ages - only offered Spring 2018

HIST 0915 / RELI 0915 Christianity and Warfare in the Middle Ages - only offered Spring 2018

[Please note: This seminar is offered for the Spring 2018 semester. It is not offered in Autumn 2017. Each seminar runs only subject to sufficient student demand.] This seminar explores the relationship between Christianity and warfare from the fourth century to the fourteenth century.  It covers the period from Constanine, the first Christian Roman emperor (whose conversion was attributed to a vision at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge), up to the Hundred Years’ War, and the paradoxical figure of Joan of Arc (died 1431) – Christian visionary, peasant woman, and military leader. 

It explores the complex and contradictory Christian attitudes towards warfare, as expressed in the writings of the Church Fathers, ecclesiastical law, and vernacular literature (for instance the Song of Roland, and tales of King Arthur).  It also examines the practical expression of these preoccupations; in the Crusades, military orders such as the Templars, and the performance of masculinities.  

Sample topics

Constantine and Christian Rome

Augustine and Just War


The biblical inheritance

Competing masculinities

The Crusades 

The Military Orders

Chivalric Fictions

Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War

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