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HIST 0530 Seventeenth-Century Europe

Seventeenth-century Europe saw great violence and destruction, but also intellectual and technological creativity that in many ways laid the foundations of the modern world. Confrontations between Catholicism and various strands of Protestantism culminated in the Thirty Years War, which engulfed Germany, and brought in many other European powers, between 1618 and 1648. France was at the apogee of its political and cultural might under Louis XIV (1643-1715), encapsulated in Baroque art and architecture. Europe engaged with the rest of the world through trade, exploration and colonialism, from the Ottoman Empire, to Spanish America, to the Dutch in south-east Asia. The intellectual sphere saw the scientific revolution and the early enlightenment, as witnessed for instance in the work of Gallileo, Spinoza and Descartes.

Sample topics:

The Thirty Years’ War

Louis XIV

The Scientific Revolution

The Dutch ‘Golden Age’

Trade and imperialism

Europe and the Ottoman Empire

Absolutism and republicanism

Gender and family life

I found myself in this place
Down the cobbled streets of Shoe Lane stood a tall red building that I was told was once a shirt factory.  This place that once was for the purpose o...
Barney Dujua, Spring Semester 2009, Elmhurst College