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HIST 0460 Twentieth-Century British History

This tutorial explores British history during the twentieth century.  At the beginning of the period, Britain was one of the world's leading political and economic powers, and the centre of a global empire.  This changed dramatically over the course of the century, in part due to dramatic factors such as two world wars, and the end of British control over most of Ireland, but also through more gradual social, economic and cultural changes. Potential tutorial topics include imperialism and decolonisation; Britain and Ireland; electoral politics; changing gender roles; the welfare state; consumerism; Britain's relationship with Europe and the Commonwealth. 

Sample readings:

P. Addison and H. Jones (eds), A Companion to Contemporary Britain 1939-2000 (2005)

K. Burk (ed.), The British Isles Since 1945 (2003)

R. McKibbin, Classes and Cultures: England 1918–1951 (1998)

K. O. Morgan, Britain Since 1945: The People’s Peace (2001)

M. Pugh, State and Society: A Political and Social History of Britain 1870-1997 (1999)

Martin Pugh, The Making of Modern British Politics, 1867-1945 (3rd edn, 2002)

Peter Clarke, Hope and Glory: Britain 1900-2000 (2nd edn, 2004)

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