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HIST 0450 Nineteenth-Century British History

The nineteenth century has been viewed as the apogee of British power.  In this period Britain came to control a major empire, as a leading industrial, commercial and military power.  This was also a crucial period in the development of British science and culture.  These crucial themes are examined in this tutorial.  However, a 'triumphalist' narrative does not encapsulate the experience of many people within nineteenth-century Britain, and those affected by the British imperial project overseas.  Thus this tutorial also considers broader social developments in homes, workplaces, streets, and institutions such as schools and churches.

Sample readings: 

Eric Evans, The Forging of the Modern State, 1783-1867 (2001)

Boyd Hilton, A Mad, Bad and Dangerous People: England 1783-1846 (2006)

M. J. Daunton, Progress and Poverty: An Economic and Social History of Britain 1700-1850 (1995)

M. Bentley Politics without Democracy, 1815-1914 (1984)

F.M.L. Thompson, The rise of respectable society:  the social history of Victorian Britain 1830-1900 (1988) 

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CMRS was one of the most challenging options I could have chosen for my study abroad experience, but was also without a doubt the most rewarding. It c...
Ross McIntire, Autumn Semester 2009, Carleton College