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HARC 0160 Modern British Art

This course covers British art from c.1900 to c.1960.  It assesses the avant-garde works of the Bloomsbury group, the Vorticists and Surrealists who responded to Continental developments, yet created something uniquely British. It includes the poignant paintings of the First World War by Paul Nash, Nevinson, Roberts, and Wadsworth, as well as the pacifist Stanley Spencer. Abstract art is assessed through the work of the sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and the painted reliefs of Ben Nicholson. The course culminates in an evaluation of Abstract Expressionism and Pop art, both under the influence of America. The Tate Gallery in London is of major importance for those opting for course covering many innovative British artists.

The perfect environment
Located in the heart of Oxford, CMRS was the perfect environment for the pursuit of erudite learning and personal improvement.  When I was not studyi...
Garrett Fehner, Autumn Semester 2008, St Mary's College of Maryland