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HARC 0150 Art of the Enlightenment

From the 1650s to the 1780s, the cultural and intellectual forces of the Enlightenment in western Europe emphasized reason, analysis, and individualism, rather than traditional forms of authority, such as those imposed by the Catholic church. This course illustrates how these precepts were manifested in the art and architecture of the period, exploring such masters as Canaletto, Friedrich, David, Greuze, Watteau, Ingres and Wright of Derby. Relevant works can be seen in the Ashmolean Museum and nearby Waddeston Manor with its world class collection. This whole period, featuring art of the Grand Tour, can be further evaluated by visits to the London galleries.

CMRS has made Oxford my second home and Medieval Studies a lifelong love
Although I attended the CMRS for a short time, my relationship with the people that I met there has only deepened over the years. My experience with t...
Michael D. McCartney, Autumn Semester 2003 & Summer 2005, Moravian College