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HARC 0085 Italian High and Late Renaissance

Sixteenth-century Florence, Rome and Venice are rightly renowned for their riches of architecture, sculpture and painting. However, the historical focus on this trinity of artistic production can lead to less attention given to smaller centers, that were nonetheless significant in terms of both artistic achievement and patronage. In this course you will examine the canonical figures of the period, including Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and Palladio,  but you will also consider a wealth of lesser known artists and artworks. You will be introduced to critical debates surrounding maniera and counter-maniera and will be encouraged to engage with a variety of primary sources. Field trips may include trips to the Ashmolean Museum  and the National Gallery in London. 

I found myself in this place
Down the cobbled streets of Shoe Lane stood a tall red building that I was told was once a shirt factory.  This place that once was for the purpose o...
Barney Dujua, Spring Semester 2009, Elmhurst College