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seminar.jpgEach student attends one of the seminars offered each semester.  These courses complement the one-to-one work of the tutorial by fostering students’ presentational skills, by encouraging students to learn from each other as well as from the tutor, and by requiring a substantial research essay produced over the whole period of ten weeks.

Considerable importance is attached to the research essay. The seminar tutor assists in the choice of topic, advises on the use of resources, including the Bodleian Library, and monitors progress. The essay is expected to be a substantial and exemplary piece of research which should be valuable in future applications to postgraduate or professional programmes.

Seminar sessions are one and a half to two hours long, and vary in format and style according to the requirements of the subject and the needs of the participants.  They range from one-hour formal lectures followed by a discussion period, to sessions where students present the points for discussion and explore them under the guidance of their tutor.

CMRS allowed me to realize my passion and potential
I arrived in Oxford in September 2008 and, exactly one year later, found myself on the bus to Oxford for my second CMRS term. Another year later, I wa...
Megan Roper, Autumn Semesters 2008 & 2009, St Mary's College of Maryland