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Tutors write detailed reports on their students’ work and assign grades. Tutorials are evaluated on the quality of essays and the contribution to tutorial discussion. Seminars are graded on the quality of essays (50%) and on class participation and presentations (50%). The most important factors in grading the research paper are critical thinking and research.  The research paper is graded by the supervisor as well as by a second tutor.  At the end of each semester, a transcript, reports and grades are sent to the student’s university or college by Middlebury College.

Academic Credit

While the instruction at Middlebury-CMRS is intended to form part of a student’s studies for an undergraduate or graduate degree, the final right to accept credits must remain with the home institution. Candidates must consult their academic advisor and obtain the agreement of a senior Academic Officer and Registrar before submitting their application.

Middlebury-CMRS evaluates its semester courses as follows: a Research Course, Tutorial Course or Seminar each carry four semester hours of credit. The normal academic load is sixteen credits per semester.


Middlebury-CMRS grades are expressed in American terms to facilitate the transfer of credit. A student’s work is graded by letter (plus and minus) as follows:

A = Excellent work of consistently high quality with few weaknesses, showing notable understanding, insight and scholarly ability.

B = Good work of fine quality, showing understanding, insight and scholarly aptitude.

C = Satisfactory work that is adequate, but lacking distinction.

D = Poor work of minimal value.

F = Failing work unworthy of credit.

I = Incomplete course work at the end of term.

W = Withdrawal from a course with the approval of CMRS.

Please Note: Middlebury-CMRS courses are not designed to be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

CMRS allowed me to realize my passion and potential
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Megan Roper, Autumn Semesters 2008 & 2009, St Mary's College of Maryland