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Ralph Hanna MA, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Palaeography, Oxford

Publications include:

  • William Langland (1993)
  • Pursuing History: Middle English Manuscripts and their Texts (1996)
  • A Descriptive Catalogue of the Western Medieval Manuscripts of St John’s College (2002)
  • ‘Yorkshire writers’, in Proceedings of the British Academy 121 (2003)
  •  ‘The Wife of Bath’s Prologue’, in R. Correale and M. Hamel (eds), Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales II (2005)
  •  London Literature, 1300-1380 (2005)
  • ‘John Dygon, fifth recluse of Sheen: his career, books and acquaintance’, in J. Thompson (ed.), Imagining the Book (2006)
  • The Knightly Tale of Golagros and Gawane: A Critical Edition (2008)
  • ‘Some North Yorkshire scribes and their context’, in G.D. Caie & D. Renevey (eds), Medieval Texts in Context (2008)
  • ‘Lambeth Palace Library, MS 260 and the problem of English vernacularity’, in Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History 3rd ser. 5 (2008)
  • Speculum Vitae: A Reading Edition (2 vols, 2009)
  • The English Manuscripts of Richard Rolle: A Descriptive Catalogue (2010)
  • ‘George Kane and the invention of textual thought: retrospect and prospect’, in The Yearbook of Langland Studies 24 (2010)
  • ‘Middle English manuscripts and readers’, in C.J. Saunders (ed.), A Companion to Medieval Poetry (2010); ‘Literature and the cultural elites’, in The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature in English (2010)
  • ‘Editing “Middle English Lyrics”: the case of Candet nudatum pectus’, in Medium Aevum 80 (2011)
  • ‘The Matter of Fulk: Romance and History in the Marches’, in  Journal of English and Germanic Philology 110 (2011)
  • ‘Dan Michel of Northgate and his books’, in Medieval Manuscripts, their Makers and Users (2011)
  • 'The booklet in medieval manuscript cataloguing’, in Nottingham Medieval Studies 55 (2011).


Research interests include Piers Plowman and alliterative poetry, language contact and concepts of regional community in medieval England, and English manuscript books.

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