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Catherine Holmes MA, DPhil

Fellow and Tutor in History, University College, Oxford

Publications include:

  • ‘How the East was won in the reign of Basil II’, in A. Eastmond (ed.), Eastern Approaches to Byzantium (2001)
  • ‘The Byzantine eastern frontier in the tenth and eleventh centuries’ in D.Abulafia & N. Berend (eds), Medieval Frontiers: Concepts and Practices (2002)
  • ‘Political elites in the reign of Basil II’ in P. Magdalino (ed.), Byzantium in the Year 1000 (2003)
  • ‘The rhetorical structures of John Skylitzes’s Synopsis Historion in E.Jeffreys (ed.), Rhetoric in Byzantium (2003)
  • Basil II and the Governance of Empire (2005)
  • ‘Constantinople in the reign of Basil II’ in E. Jeffreys (ed.), Byzantine Style, Religion and Civilization: in Honour of Sir Steven Runciman. (2006)
  • ‘Treaties between Byzantium and the Islamic world’, in P. de Souza & J. France (eds), War and Peace in Ancient & Medieval History (2008)
  •  ‘Provinces and Capital’, in L. James (ed.), A Companion to Byzantium (2010)
  • ‘Political Literacy’, in P. Stephenson (ed.), The Byzantine World (2010).


Research interests centre on Byzantium and the political, military and cultural history of the Mediterranean and Aegean.

Over 25 years on
Over 25 years on
I attended CMRS over 25 years ago; now I live outside Washington, DC, where I practice law before the federal appeals courts and the U.S. Supreme Cour...
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