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Religious Life

CMRS students have regular opportunities for worship at Keble and within their own tradition.


Keble College Chapel is open every day to all for personal prayer and meditation. There are also daily services to which all members of the College (including CMRS students) are warmly invited. Although the services are those of the Church of England, all baptized persons who have communicant status in their own denomination are welcome to receive Holy Communion. The Chapel community has a lively social life with many opportunities for fellowship and fun.

There are also a number of student-led religious societies within the College and University. The Catholic Chaplaincy and Catholic Society organizes social events, and coordinates theological study, charity and social work. The Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union arranges a lively programme of meetings and worship. The University Jewish Society is flourishing, holding daily meals and frequent events. The University Islamic Society also thrives, with a full programme of religious and social activities.

Other societies cater for, amongst others, Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Taoist and secular students.

Mosque021.JPGA wide variety of religious services is available in the centre of Oxford every week. Several mosques including the new Oxford Central Mosque serve various Islamic communities. The Oxford Jewish Centre maintains three different streams of prayer; Orthodox, Masorti and Progressive. Several branches of Buddhism have places of worship or monasteries. Plans are afoot to build a gurdwara for Oxford Sikhs; meanwhile, they meet every Sunday in a local school. Baha’is meet together frequently to study, pray and enjoy fellowship. Roman Catholic students tend to go to the nearby chaplaincy, to the Dominicans at Blackfriars or to the Oxford Oratory. Many Protestants favour St Aldate’s and St Ebbe’s, major centres of evangelical Christianity within the Church of England. Depending on their churchmanship, Episcopalians go to the Cathedral, the University Church, St Mary Magdalen's or Pusey House. Russian and Greek Orthodox celebrate the Divine Liturgy in English, Slavonic, Greek and a little Romanian at the pan-Orthodox church on Canterbury Road and at St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. CMRS provides a list of some 40 places of worship as a guide to what is offered in Oxford.

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