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HARC 0070 Early Medieval Art & Architecture

This course focuses on the art and architecture of Early Medieval Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the end of the tenth century. Throughout this period the sources and influence on art and architecture were rich and varied. With style and patronage as the dominate themes, the period starts by examining classical precedents, continues with the art of the so-called Migration period, including insular art of the British Isles, covers the Carolingian Renaissance associated with Charlemagne, and culminates in the art and architecture of the Ottonian period, all of which laid important foundations for the burgeoning Romanesque. 

Introductory Reading

  • Beckwith, J. Early Medieval Art: Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque. London, 1985.
  • Diebold, W. J. Word and Image: An Introduction to Early Medieval Art. Boulder, 2000.
  • Nees, L. Early Medieval Art. Oxford, 2002.
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